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Why choose Sun Technologies as your integration solution?

Middleware is an essential enabling technology for helping IT meet the challenges of evolving its business applications. Sun Technologies has a dedicated practice experienced in delivering Middleware solutions which will enable our customers to face the challenge. We offer you best in class Middleware solutions with cutting edge technologies like Tibco ESB and SOA software.


Sun Technologies expertise in Enterprise Service Bus provides a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating application and services that allows the business user to extend all requirements as well as improve supply chain visibility.

Our services in ESB Includes:

  • Implementation of Monitoring tools
  • B2B Automation
  • Secured Web Services
  • Portable Deployment
  • Interface to External Application
  • Message Transport
  • Day-to-Day monitoring and 24/7 "On Demand" support



Sun Technologies provides the following services in SOA:

  • SOA Exploration
  • SOA Service Development
  • Planning and Design
  • Implementation
  • Process flexibility and cost efficient automation



We offers the following services in BPM:

  • Process Implementation
  • Process Modelling
  • Process Optimization
  • Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Customer Value Propositions:

  • Minimized costs by accelerating middleware deployment initiatives
  • Ensured customer satisfaction by assurance of continuous service availability
  • Maximized ROI by leveraging shared services infrastructure
  • Onsite and remote management capabilities
  • Improved effectiveness through accurate run time services

As a leading staff augmentation service provider, we can also help you bring in the expertise for managing your middleware solutions.

Contact Sun Technologies for assistance on Middleware Services.