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Sun Technologies Operating System Expertise:

Sun Technologies’ engineers are specialized in support and maintenance of all major operating systems with variety of tools and accelerators to provide more rapid combinations of flexibility, reliability, security and performance to your company demands. No matter what challenges your company is facing, we can help simplify your IT environment and the changing process. Our expertise in providing staff augmentation services for maintenance of operating systems have helped in reducing costs and time required for training on critical projects.

Our services include support for the following Operating Systems:


Windows SVC support provides technical resources for maintaining stable, reliable and highly available Infrastructure environments for development, testing, production and deployment. The Windows administrator ensures a solid environment for the development and production.

  • Application hosted on windows servers
  • Implementing, monitoring, managing and troubleshooting servers
  • Monitoring SCOM and Dashboards
  • Generate reports on demand


Sun Technologies LINUX Services include:

  • Support for OS and Hardware issues on Linux servers
  • Support various application such as WMS, PACE, b-connected, Navapp hosted on Linux server
  • Support Physical and virtual machines which is located in Johns Creek and Lorain Data Center
  • Built new servers by deploying, cloning virtual machine
  • Working on creation, migration, and decommission of Linux servers
  • Adding virtual hard disk create a LVM partitions to particular instance
  • Handling file system related issue such as increase the file system, creating physical volume, volume group, logical volume, for the ext3 file system


Sun Technologies has a wider experience in providing solutions to businesses of every size in every industry. Our solutions include:

  • Handling file system issues and addressing User issues/requests
  • Working on creation, migration, and decommission of logical partitions
  • Handling AIX operating system and power hardware issues, including raising problem management record with IBM support
  • Migrating server to new hardware
  • Support for OS and hardware issues on AIX servers during out of office hours
  • Support for various applications like PACE, b-Connected, etc, hosted on AIX servers
  • Assisting On-Call resources with incident’s pertaining to AIX servers


Sun Technologies provides the complete integrated platform, combining open stack and built in virtualization with a proven enterprise class operating system.

Contact Sun Technologies for any assistance on Operating System Services.